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Meet Our Vancouver Coaches

Pat Parisi M.Ed.

Pat Parisi Career Counsellor Vancouver BC

Hi there,

I'm Pat and for over 18 years, I've supported 100s of people to thrive in their careers and live meaningful lives.

I help people to find deeper satisfaction and happiness in their career and life choices -- and live their dreams.

Linda Faucheux M.A. LPC

Linda Career Counsellor

Hi there...

I'm Linda Faucheux (pronounced 'fo-shay') and I've been coaching professionals like you to career success for over 25 years.

Feeling empowered in your career cultivates purpose, mastery, and autonomy; key components for a flourishing life.  

Let me help you build a strong professional direction that will energize you and bring out the best of who you are. 

How We Help You

You're always in control. All our services are 100% customized ​to your needs.
Here are some popular topics, but contact us if you need any other support!

​Vancouver Career Counselling That ​Takes You From Stress to Success

We all have blindspots and its difficult to see them yourself.  If you've been facing challenges with your career, we're here to help.  Take advantage of our career planning & career advising expertise and let's build a strategy for your success.  

We are leaders in the career counselling field!  Across Canada, we are known for our kind approach that is caring and effective. A Counselor can you help generate options, evaluate your next steps & feel confident about your future.

​​Vancouver Job Coaching.

​​The ​Vancouver job search ​marketplace ​is quite different than other cities in Canada and you need to get up to speed to really uncover those 'hidden' job opportunities.

Work with us to boost your confidence, learn the strategies that work and become a natural at networking your way to a great job.

​Define Your Brand.  ​Win Interviews. Land the Right Job.

​Our ​Vancouver Resume & Professional Branding Specialists can't wait to help you define and articulate what's unique about you.

We follow a unique process that's ​accomplishments-​based and highlights your greatest achievements - exactly what a future employer needs to see jump off the page.

​We'll arm you with the right strategy and marketing materials (resume, cover letter, Personal Networking profile, LinkedIn profile) that will put your application at the top of the pile!

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Career Counselling Vancouver

Vancouver - Area Information

Are you in the Vancouver area and considering career counselling or career coaching? Or are you thinking about a move? 

Read through this important area information we've gathered that might inspire you or give you some career ideas.

Vancouver Overview & Key Industries in the Region

Consistently rated as one of the most liveable (and expensive) cities to live in, in the world, the Greater Vancouver area is the third most populous metropolitan area of Canada, with around 2.4 million people. Vancouver's city website boasts that 60% of families speak a language besides English as home, and the Vancouver Sun recently called the city “the most Asian city outside of Asia.” 

With one of the most diverse populations in the country and strong international relations, Vancouver has a bustling economy and is at the forefront of many emerging industries. Vancouver is home to headquarters of natural resource companies (such as forest products and mining) as well as growing banking, accounting and law sectors. It continues to expand into software development, bio-technologies and well as earn its title of “Hollywood North” with many productions in and around metro Vancouver.

With a strong focus on technology, arts and culture, natural resources and social enterprises, Vancouver’ economy is strong and continues to grow, despite other economies in Canada that continue to struggle. Many people from all over the world have chosen Vancouver as the place to work and live, and for good reason.

Economic Trends

Vancouver has the fastest growing economy in Canada in 2016, with real GDP expected to rise 3.3%, compared to 0.4% for the rest of Canada. The fastest growing sectors continue to be construction, manufacturing, and transportation and warehousing. The low Canadian dollar has helped with export-related economies, such as tourism and manufacturing (Source: The Conference Board of Canada, Mar. 2016). 

The largest employment sectors are real estate, professional services (like Law, Accounting, etc.) and construction (Source: BC Stats, 2015).

Fun Facts about Vancouver


Vancouver has one of the mildest climates in Canada.


Greenpeace, a famous environmental group, was established in Vancouver.


Some of the famous names associated with the city and the surrounding Vancouver area include: Bryan Adams, Michael J. Fox, Carly Rae Jepsen, Ryan Reynolds, and Seth Rogen.