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Experienced Professional

Denis Caron

Wondering how to change your career and land the right job?  

Meet Careers by Design client, Denis, who graciously shares his secrets in this video case study with Lee Weisser, professional coach at Careers by Design.

Like many of our clients, Denis was having trouble identifying what he wanted to do in his career.  He couldn't see a common theme in the various jobs he had done and didn't have a focus or direction.  He was bored with his current job and wanted to work where he could be involved in a project and see tangible results.

The coaching helped him see that the common theme for him was helping to improve efficiency. When he recognized that, he could apply it to any company or industry he was interested in. He did a lot of research in identifying companies in his city that were focused on technology, which was his primary interest.

When he found a job posting that excited him he found out as much as he could about it. It was in the field of robotics, which employs a lot of creative people.

Read about how Denis' own creative approach to his resume drew attention even though he didn't have the experience normally needed for this job.


Leader / Executive

Mike Butler

Meet Mike, a recent coaching client who has kindly shared his experience to help you understand how career coaching can help you.

After working for the same company for 18 years as an IT and operations manager, Mike found himself for the first time having to conduct a new job search and had many questions about his career and his future.

He felt overwhelmed with the prospect of looking for a job and didn’t quite know how to start -- how to present himself and what steps to take. He recognized the ‘rules’ of the career landscape had changed and wanted some help developing a new playbook so he could land a good job and keep his career on track.

Experienced Professional

Carolyn M.

Meet Carolyn, a recent coaching client (name has been changed to protect her identity) who has kindly shared her recent experience to help you understand how career coaching can help you!

Carolyn was a research associate for a professor in the health sciences field at a major university.  Although outwardly successful at the job for three years, she thought it was not a good fit. She was feeling stuck, but also scared to make a decision about finding other work.

She committed to stretching herself outside her comfort zone through our 7 session From Stress to Success coaching program with Lee Weisser, Careers by Design professional coach. They worked together via Skype and their efforts resulted in her achieving her main goal ahead of schedule.

By being ready to embrace an opportunity, she found a new and exciting job that was more fulfilling.

Leader / Executive

Jane D.

Meet Jane, a recent leadership & career coaching client (name has been changed to protect her identity) who has shared her experience to help you understand how Leadership & Career coaching can help you.

Jane had been with the same organization (a not-for-profit) for nearly nine years.

She had progressively been promoted over the years to her current executive role. The organization was amid change. There was a lot of uncertainty as to how things would unfold – and specifically what it would mean for Jane’s role and future.

This uncertainty triggered some anxiety, doubt, and big questions for Jane. She was unsure what lay ahead and how to navigate her next steps with so much unknown.