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I'm a seasoned, Professional Resume Writer, cover letter & LinkedIn Profile Specialist and through my expert guidance, I have helped over 700+ clients advance their career, revive stalled job searches and secure highly coveted positions.  I serve clients across all career stages: those starting out, experienced professionals, C-suite track and executives.

My greatest strength is drawing out my client's accomplishments and expressing those on paper in a compelling and masterful way.  

When choosing a personal service like this, you absolutely need to connect 1-on-1 with the professional you hire.

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resume writing feedback

"Tammy was professional, courteous & asked great questions to really understand my situation and what I wanted to achieve with my resume"

The LinkedIn and cover letter recommendations help set my profile apart from others. Tammy helped outline clear objectives and accomplishments, made recommendations on my profile background and head shot along with a well articulated summary. She also helped to tie my resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter together for a consistent look and feel, and voice for recruiters. 

Director of Product Management
Guelph, Ontario


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Looking for a new job can be an expensive business. 

After buying fresh interview outfits and paying out for travel costs, the last thing you want is more expenditure.

Sometimes, though, you need to spend money to make money. Investing in yourself should always be your main priority.

You should seriously consider using a professional resume service in any of the following situations:

  • If Writing is Not Your Strength: Not everyone is a natural wordsmith. You might excel in your industry but lack the prose skills to effectively highlight your experience. If writing is not your forte, it’s time to call for some resume help.

  • If Your Circumstances Are Unique: Have you got lengthy gaps in your employment history? Are you switching careers completely? Have many of your jobs been very short-term? A professional resume service can help you present a unique situation favorably.

  • If Your Resume Is Failing To Generate Responses: With HR personnel often spending just 5 seconds scanning resumes, yours needs to pack a real punch to avoid the cull. Failure to generate interviews is often due to a resume that doesn’t present key information clearly. If you’re not hearing back from employers, it could be your resume rather than your skillset that’s to blame.

  • If You Are Just Entering The Job Market: If you’re an entry-level jobseeker or recent graduate, getting a first resume written well is crucial. Once you have this in place, you can build on it over time so get the job done by a pro and get into the workplace quicker. A one-off investment at this stage will continue repaying dividends over time.

  • If You’re Not Clear On What To Include: How far back does your employment history need to go? Can you omit jobs? Do you need to include information about your hobbies? If you don’t know where to start, a resume writing service will clarify all this for you.

How a Professional Resume Writer Can Help You Get The Job You Want

Here are 6 of the best ways a professional resume service can simplify getting the job of your dreams…

1) By Making Your Resume Stand Out From The Pile

With more and more recruitment carried out online, it’s common for job vacancies to attract hundreds of applicants.

Hiring managers often take just a few seconds to decide whether a resume warrants closer investigation.

Rather than using a generic resume template, a professional CV will present your marketing document attractively with key information front and center so it makes that first cut.

2) By Making Sure Your Resume Is Highly Specific

You need your background and experience to appeal to the specific audience you are targeting.

Whether you’re switching industries or applying for multiple positions, getting resume help is one way to keep your applications laser focused.

3) By Highlighting Your Personal Brand and What You Can Offer

Any employer wants to know what you can do for them and how you differ from other applicants.

An effective resume writing service will showcase your personality and core values. This way, you can demonstrate clearly to an employer how you’ll mesh with their organization and add value.

It’s often hard to write about yourself in this way so let the professionals do it for you.

4) By Focusing On Your Achievements Not Just Your Duties

No hiring manager wants to look at a long, bulleted list of job duties.

They do, though, want to see worthwhile achievements.

A proficient professional resume builder will bring your accomplishments fully to the fore. They will show an employer directly what benefits you bring to the table.

5) By Using Keywords To Get Your Resume Through Applicant Tracking Systems

With an applicant tracking system (ATS), software can weed out unsuitable applicants before they even hit the desks of hiring staff.

Professional resume writing services will work with you to ensure your CV is fully optimized. They’ll employ key terms to make certain your resume overcomes this first hurdle.

6) By Producing A Complete Marketing Package

A well-crafted cover letter is crucial.

Increasingly, a concise and relevant LinkedIn profile is also a valuable tool when you’re looking for work.

With resume help, you’ll end up with a complete marketing package. Selling yourself is not always the easiest task so let the professionals do it for you.


If you’re wondering whether you should act now and hire a resume writer, here are 3 reasons when it makes perfect sense…

You’re Employed and Looking
For a New Job

If you’re working and want to switch companies, you probably don’t have too much spare time. Between work, family and fun, writing a new resume is probably low on your list. Hire a resume writer and get that new job with ease.

You Need To Find Work Quickly

If you’re unemployed and need to find work in a hurry, think of hiring a resume writer as an investment not an expense.

Your Resume Needs Polishing Not Writing From Scratch

If you have no resume in place at all, you should at least put together a basic framework yourself. From here, a professional resume writing service can build on that foundation more effectively than starting from scratch.


There’s no precise, one-size-fits-all resume template. There are simply too many variables.

There are, though, several core components present in a truly effective CV.

It Makes a Striking First Impression

If you want to make sure someone sits down and reads your resume, design and layout count.

Ask yourself this…

If you had 150 resumes to sift through, would you read a poorly formatted wall of text or toss it aside and move on to the next one?

All great resumes are crisp, clear and impeccably designed.

It Focuses on Accomplishments

A winning resume doesn’t just rehash your job duties.

Rather than describing what you did, a successful resume will outline how well you did it.

It Incorporates Keywords

Whether scanning is done electronically or by someone other than the hiring manager asked to manually look for keywords, don’t overlook the importance of targeted language.

Your resume should be heavy on words used in the job advert and in the company’s marketing material.

Make those keywords count.

It Includes Metrics

The best resumes include cold, hard numbers.

Which looks better to you?

“Increased revenue” or “Helped grow revenue by 215% in 3 months by doing x”.

The more achievements can be backed up with statistics the better.

It’s Highly Relevant

Less is more.

As well as being extremely specific to the job in question, the most powerful resumes cut out all irrelevant information. This helps to make what you choose to include even more effective.


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