March 24

Strengths Are Like Perfume

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Written by Shirin Khamisa, Founder, Careers by Design

How strengths are like perfume...

Facing a challenge? Create an upward spiral of positivity and build your strengths.

When we are struggling or when climbing to new heights, it is easy to forget where we are strong.

Focusing on strengths can create an upward spiral of positive feelings that equips us to face challenges with more ease.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen naturally.

In times of challenge, the brain is drawn to the unfinished business of the problem that we are facing.  We need to make a special effort to focus on strengths.

I’ll let you in on a little trick I use. 

Whenever I use perfume, I like to think about my strengths.

Strengths are like perfume …Some are bold and others subtle.

Each one of us is a unique blend.

Some are for a special night out and others are for everyday.

Delicious when you first use them.

But after awhile you don’t notice them.

Even if you don’t notice, others appreciate their loveliness.

They lift your spirits. They make you feel so good!

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