Our Impact

Shirin Khamisa B.A. B.Ed.
Founder & Practice Leader

In a world where career paths are as unique as fingerprints, Careers by Design offers a personalized and holistic approach to career fulfillment.

Our services blend scientific techniques with heartfelt guidance, empowering you to align your professional journey with your personal values and aspirations. 

From transformative career counselling to bespoke resume writing, and from masterful interview coaching to comprehensive outplacement support, we are your partners in crafting a career that's not just successful, but also deeply satisfying and stress-free.

Careers by Design is an international career counselling firm, operating across North America and founded in 2005 by Shirin Khamisa, a recognized thought leader at the intersection of career development and personal leadership.

Shirin’s career advice has been featured in national media outlets including: CTV, CBC, The Globe & Mail, and the Financial Post. Shirin’s passion for helping people find work they feel good about has had a positive impact on thousands of Canadians to create “More Happy Mondays”.

Our Mission

To help create More Happy Mondays for all.

We help our clients
develop the skills to be
happy at work
and create their best life, too.

We help professionals (early career, mid career and seasoned leaders):

what's next.
Make successful career transitions.

Land the right job.
Get a career that fits.

Providing a positive impact on your career

We deliver personalized, one-on-one career counselling and coaching programs that share a proven & powerful approach to solving career related issues.

We use well researched and evidence-based interventions.

Our approach is positive, strengths-driven and truly holistic.

We work with clients on the practical, mental, emotional and spiritual level (if desired).

Our goal is to have a meaningful positive impact on your career.

Using our unique approach of "Connecting Head and Heart", we help clients:

Feel better. Do better. And get what they really want!