Being creative is an asset if you know how to use it

Being creative is an asset if you know how to use it.

But, it is challenging to build a creative career and it can be frustrating when your career isn't working for you and you don't know what to do next.  Don't give up on your creative dreams!

We’ll help you: Build a career where you can express your creativity including developing in a career as a writer, musician or artist. Get the structure and support to develop a plan to meet your financial goals. Your coach will help you develop the self-confidence and motivation to move in the direction of your creative dreams.

In this specialized program, we will evaluate your options and decide the next step in your life and career. Your coach will get to know you and will help you shape your future. It's a chance to have an objective sounding board to sort out your thoughts, feelings and ideas. You will go from indecision to having a clear target.

Once you decide what's next in your career, we'll work with you to make it happen. We offer guidance to create a creative career that's right for all your needs (career satisfaction, personal lifestyle needs and financial goals).

You'll know exactly what you need to do to move forward.

You'll make the most of your time and energy and start feeling excited about life, again!

Our team of professional coaches have helped 100s of people. And we would like to help you to move forward with confidence.

This program is available in 4, 7 or 12 sessions depending on your needs.

Who is this program for?

  • You’re unhappy with your current situation and thinking of changing it
  • Your current job lacks meaning, satisfaction, passion, and/or adequate financial rewards
  • You know what kind of work you don’t want – but you’re not sure what you want OR
  • You are clear about what you want next. You want help to make it happen.
  • You want to get back into the workforce after a parental leave or many years away
  • You feel your current position is under-utilizing your creative and other skills
  • You need help to effectively market your creative skills
  • You're thinking of consulting or entrepreneurship

Are you experiencing some of the most common challenges our clients face?

  • You're under pressure and feel stressed out, anxious, sad or angry
  • You’re suffering inside because you don’t quite know where you fit in
  • You’ve never made a radical career change before so you’re fearful of what the future holds
  • You don’t know what options are “out there” for you
  • You enjoyed work in the past but things have changed -new boss, lay-offs, dying industry
  • You don’t see any opportunities and you’re wondering how you can build a creative career that means something
  • You're at a transition point and you really want to know how to move foward
  • You've taken steps to change your situation but are not moving forward fast enough
  • You have lots of options but can't decide what to do

If you're experiencing any of this, you're in the right place.

It's difficult to face these career challenges alone. When your career isn't working, it affects everything in your life - from your personal wellbeing to your relationships with the ones you love. Sometimes it can feel like you are the only one who doesn't have it all figured out. We want to reassure you that you are not alone. As you go through life, you change and it is normal to outgrow a career that once suited you.

As an experienced professional, you've worked hard and invested years of your life into your current occupation. There's a lot at stake when you consider making a change. Even thinking about a career change can feel risky.

Coaching helps you to minimize that risk and manage the uncertainty.

We'll show you how to make the most of your past experiences and skills. Even if you enter into a completely different field, you don't need to start over. While you think you may need a radical change, in many cases, moving within your current industry or organization can give your career a new life. Thinking that you need to make a big change can stop you from exploring your options.

Despite how you're feeling right now, you have taken the courageous step of facing your challenge head on. You are reading this because you are thinking about doing something different. We can help you to feel better, do better and move forward faster.

All our programs are 100% Customizable.
Choose exactly what you want to work on and
where you need the most help!

Your Career - Your Way
Get Support For All Your Career Needs.
Our Coaching Programs Include:

Weekly Coaching

Weekly Coaching

Keeping You On Track WIth
Smart Strategies
& Support Between Sessions

Manageable Goals

Manageable Goals

Small Steps Make Big Dreams Possible

The Right Tools At The Right Time

The Right Tools At The Right Time

Career Tests, Software & Resources

Focus Is You. Always.

Focus Is You

Personalized Program

From Stress To Success

From Stress To Success

Get Focused. Get Energized.

Your Career + Your Life

Your Career + Your Life

Life Coaching When You Need It

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  • One-on-one expert career counselling.  Our coaches have been in the trenches for 18+ years and know exactly how to help you move forward, faster!
  • We will listen to your concerns and create a strategy -together
  • It's not just a conversation. You will take home your very own Personalized Report with your coach's recommendations.
  • You'll start feeling better. Right away.

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