Navigating the Return to Work:
Balancing Emotions and Success [VIDEO]

Shirin Khamisa Founder Careers by Design

Shirin Khamisa, Founder & Practice Leader

Returning to work after a significant life change can evoke a whirlwind of emotions. Whether it's post-maternity leave or another transformative event, acknowledging and managing these feelings is essential for a smooth transition back into the professional world.

Shirin Khamisa, a seasoned career coach and founder of Careers by Design, sheds light on the importance of being honest with oneself about emotions during this crucial phase.

Dealing with Mixed Emotions

Coming back to work after something like maternity leave can be both exciting and tough. On one hand, getting back to the job and adult conversations can feel awesome. On the other hand, leaving your little one at home can make you really sad and even guilty.

It's okay to feel this way. Many people have been in your shoes. Your feelings aren't weird or wrong—they're just part of life's mix.

Also, don't be surprised if your feelings flip-flop fast. One minute, you're ready to conquer the world, and the next, you're missing your baby like crazy. This is completely normal and happens to a lot of us.

Being Patient with Yourself

During this emotional ride, patience is key—especially with yourself. Remember, these feelings are normal. Instead of being hard on yourself for feeling both happy and sad, show yourself some kindness. Embrace these feelings as a sign that you're human.

These feelings aren't against you—they're with you on this journey. Remind yourself that you expected these emotions, and they're just part of your path back to work. Practicing self-compassion opens the door to bouncing back and growing as a person.

Turning Emotions into Strengths

Now, let's talk about emotional smarts. As you navigate these feelings, don't see them as problems. Instead, use them to your advantage for personal growth and career success.

These emotions tell you what's important in your life. By understanding and recognizing them, you can use their energy to make better choices and perform better at work.

Plus, by embracing your feelings, you're building resilience. Going through this emotional journey helps you deal with challenges. It's like training for life's ups and downs.

The Role of Career Counseling

As you navigate the path back to work, you might wonder how to make the journey smoother. This is where career counseling comes into play. Career counselors, like those at Careers by Design, specialize in helping individuals like you transition back into the professional world seamlessly.

Our unique approach goes beyond traditional counseling. We focus on connecting your head and heart, allowing you to access your own wisdom. By combining rational thinking with emotional understanding, you gain a holistic perspective that guides you in making informed career decisions.

This type of counseling is particularly beneficial when returning to work after a life change. It assists you in aligning your professional choices with your emotional needs, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling work life.

Wrap-Up: Your Journey to Success

As we wrap up, remember—you've got the power to turn your return to work into a success story. Being honest with your emotions and patient with yourself are the keys to making this transition smooth. Don't see your feelings as roadblocks—see them as important parts of your story.

By accepting the whole range of emotions, you're building a strong foundation of resilience and wisdom. Your feelings aren't against you—they're your partners in creating a successful future. So, remember these tips as you start this new chapter, and know that every emotion is a stepping stone towards your success.


Shirin Khamisa



Shirin Khamisa B.A. B.Ed. Founder & Career Counsellor

Shirin specializes in guiding clients towards fulfilling career choices and enhancing overall happiness in life and work. Having personally navigated through career transitions, Shirin brings a unique insight to her role.

Shirin's strength lies in her holistic approach, fostering accelerated change through customized programs. This methodology, grounded in research and boasting a 95% client satisfaction rate, empowers individuals to achieve clarity and confidence in their goals. Her guidance encompasses psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of career development alongside traditional counseling methods.

As the leader of a team of dedicated career professionals at Careers by Design, Shirin extends her expertise to provide comprehensive support to individuals across US & Canada.

Shirin's background in education and brand marketing in various sectors further enriches her perspective. Certified as a HeartMath Licensed Coach, a Licensed Facilitator for Personality Dimensions, Career Dimensions, and VIA Character Strengths, she continues to transform lives by empowering individuals to design careers and lives they cherish.

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