Nadia Qasmieh – Bio & Profile

Nadia Qasmieh MA
Resume & Professional Branding Specialist
*Not currently accepting new clients*

Hi! I’m Nadia, a confidence-building, career-boosting, image-polishing copywriter.

I’m passionate about helping people see their true potential and assisting them in presenting themselves genuinely yet artfully. Especially in writing.

I’ve revamped hundreds of personal documents, and helped people from diverse backgrounds express themselves – backgrounds ranging from the arts, finance, marketing, and education, to sustainable development, engineering, and a variety of medical and scientific fields.

I understand how first impressions are important to you and since a resume, an email, or a statement of purpose may be your method of first contact, I can help you turn your thoughts and ideas into perfectly moulded words.

For over 13 years, I’ve been reviewing documents, interviewing clients, and digging deep to find that wow-factor in each.

I will ultimately focus on building your image by developing content that reflects your personal brand and promise.

Now you know my story. Let me help you write yours.

Nadia Qasmieh - Resume Writing Service

How My Experience Can Help You

I have a deep interest in self-development. Having gone through a transformation myself by figuring out what makes me happiest – which I realized was helping people reach their goals – I will revamp your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and personal statement to reflect your true abilities and potential.

I will extract inspiring stories, craft engaging introductions, create cohesive structures, choose relevant details, and make sure every word is where it should be so your personality and accomplishments can shine.

My professional and academic background gives me the skills and experience to enhance content with form.

I will not only craft compelling text, but will also help you present it in the most effective way using advanced design principles and efficient long-term strategies. 

Background & Experience

Nadia completed her graduate studies at Harvard University, where she received a Master of Liberal Arts in Journalism degree.

While at Harvard, she interned at Transition Magazine, a leading forum of intellectual debate about matters important to African Americans and the African diaspora. She wrote documentary reviews, fact-checked and formatted accepted manuscripts, and proofread pieces for style and content.   

Before Harvard, Nadia attended the University of Toronto Mississauga, where she double majored in Communication, Culture, and IT (CCIT), and Professional Writing and Communication (PWC). During her studies, she was the Editor-in-Chief of The Oracle, a campus-wide magazine that dealt with issues like diversity and equality.

Nadia also has a certificate in Digital Communications from Sheridan College. Her technical knowledge in programs like Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop allows her to use technology to enhance writing.