Linda Faucheux MA LPC

Career Counsellor & Life Coach

Creative Catalyst for Change + Coaching for Optimal Work/Life Integration + Co-Designer for a Unique and Flourishing Career

Linda Faucheux MA LPC
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    20 years experience in Higher Education as a Career Counselor, Career Development Teacher, Clinical Supervisor, and Director of University Career Centers.
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    I am a dedicated HeartMath practitioner and employ Careers by Design's unique 'Connect Head & Heart' approach; this has transformed my relationship to stress and given me tools to help you let go of stress-related habits that sabotage your career success.
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    Expertise in mindfulness-based strategies for cultivating innate confidence, finding flow and focus, achieving your goals, and working with psychological and emotional barriers to success.
  • I work with clients over Zoom video and also in-person in Boulder, Colorado as part of Careers by Design's US operations at

Hi, I’m Linda Faucheux (fo-shay, long 'a') and I have 20 years of experience as a career counsellor and coach. I embarked on my professional counselling career as a psychotherapist dedicated to alleviating suffering, and over time I came to realize that I was a much better counselor when I focused on strengths development, self-actualization and human flourishing. This realization led me to career coaching.

As a career coach, I focus on your strengths, help you clarify and develop your unique genius, facilitate greater awareness of your internal resources for better decision-making, and help you cultivate greater resilience when facing uncertainty and change as you move toward more meaningful work in the world.

My career trajectory has led me to Boulder, Colorado where I became a leader in the field of Career Development in Higher Education. After 20 years of career counseling, teaching career development, and leading career centers, I have continued to evolve professionally by providing individual and organizational coaching for Careers by Design.  Meeting Shirin and joining her team of like-minded heart-based practitioners is a perfect fit for me and I look forward to life-transforming and powerful coaching for my clients.

My focus in career coaching is deeply influenced by my mindfulness meditation practice of 20 years, my graduate training in Contemplative Psychotherapy, my studies in Positive Psychology, Strengths-based counseling, and Solution Focused counseling. As a career coach, I facilitate a process of expanding awareness of your whole self, mind, heart, and body, so that you can access the most evolved part of yourself as you consciously design your new career direction.

I have coached hundreds of individuals just like you, and I'm excited to help you Feel Better, Do Better and Get What You Want, Faster!

Naropa University
Cincinnati University

How My Experience Can Help You

I specialize in the following areas:

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    Exploring and developing your Signature Strengths. This is the pathway to your unique genius and greatest success and satisfaction at work.
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    Making important decisions and choices. Learn how to access your truth and navigate the conflicting voices, emotions, and fears that cloud the process of good decision making.
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    Clarifying and achieving your goals. I utilize evidence-based practices that can help you achieve your goals.
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    Moving through psychological and emotional barriers that prevent you from the future life and work you envision.
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    Provide support and effective tools in helping you let go of stress, anxiety, and depression as you move toward your career goals.
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    Cultivate social and emotional intelligence in the workplace. We all encounter difficult relationships at work. Learn how to navigate the social and emotional terrain at work.
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    Designing a job search strategy based on your temperament and strengths.
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    Leadership Development for Women. I am passionate about coaching and empowering women leaders.

Background & Experience

My career trajectory led me to Boulder, Colorado where I became a leader in the field of Career Development in Higher Education. I served as Associate Director for Counselling at University of Colorado’s Career Center, and Director of the Career Development Center at Naropa University where I also served as adjunct faculty in the Graduate School of Counseling Psychology.

After 20 years in higher education, I have continued to expand my career by providing individual and organizational coaching for Careers by Design.

M.A. Counseling Psychology, Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado (Specialization in Contemplative Psychotherapy)
L.P.C., Licensed Professional Counselor, Colorado, USA
B.A. Philosophy, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


10 years experience facilitating Strengthsfinder 2.0 for individuals and organizations
Advanced training in the VIA Strengths Inventory and Character Strengths Development
Qualified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Teacher and Administrator
Group Leadership Facilitator, Matrixworks Group Leadership Training

Praise for Linda

Paola Hinojosa

Paola Hinojosa



Linda was like a trusted friend who guided me, listened deeply, and asked probing questions to help me understand myself better.

She empowered me to make my own choices and decisions. She focused on my main concerns and helped me move toward resolution.

Linda is very knowledgeable about the career development process and her guidance was critical to achieve the objectives I set to myself.

I would recommend her without hesitation!

Jen Grove

Jen Grove



My experience working with Linda was very positive.

She was very kind and attentive and really tried to understand my situation while assuring me that I could shape the career I want.

It was helpful to talk things through, get her unbiased reflection, and have someone to bounce ideas off of.

She recognized my passions, which pushed me to consider a variety of options. Linda helped me move through a discouraged and stressed mindset toward a more positive perspective which opened me up to new possibilities. Then, I was confident to put my plan into action.

I was able to make a clear and level-headed decision and take the risk I needed to take to move forward.