Jeanet Lamoca BA CPCC PCC
Career Counsellor & Life/Leadership Coach

"Hi I'm Jeanet...

I'm a Perceptive, Intuitive, Systems-Thinker.  I'll help you connect the dots and build your career so you can experience real transformation.
I focus on helping you create immediate impact, measurable results and sustainable change.

Read through my bio to understand more about how my background and experience can help you move forward, faster!"

Jeanet Lamoca Career Coach

What I Bring To My Work

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    20+ years of corporate and professional experience
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    An astute assessment of human behaviour and an individual’s intrinsic motivation
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    A way of working with the whole person, including thoughts, emotions, behaviour, and the social and physical environment
  • HeartMath Practitioner, applying a meditation practice to connect ‘Head and Heart’, reduce stress and increase capacity
  • Attention to small details and the whole picture — connecting the dots with a deeper understanding

For over two decades, I delivered impactful in-house human services consulting within the public and private sector. My specialized mandates ranged from work re-entry counselling, corporate training, mediation & appeals, high-performance team consulting, facilitation and organizational effectiveness consulting.

In each of my roles, I have collaborated with all levels and functions of the organization, providing me with a deep understanding of the personalities and interconnectedness of both the people and work areas. Even in diverse roles, I have frequently been singled out by leaders as a trusted advisor, having the capability to foresee and articulate the potential impact of different decisions or actions.

How I Can Help You

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    I work from the INSIDE OUT. I slow it down to spend valuable time working through assessments, exploration, inquiry and coaching to help you connect to what you really want. This may involve drowning out other voices, the “should do’s”, the “suppose to’s”, the doubt and limiting beliefs. Once connected on the inside, you are better able to develop your vision, purpose, and explore new possibilities with clarity and certainty
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    I help you make progress by bringing structure and clarity to your thinking;  identifying core issues, uncovering values, passions, interests, strengths, and priorities to clarify and develop goals for your future career path. Through the process of asking insightful questions, assessing individual strengths, you will set goals, develop a plan, with deadlines and accountability for implementation.
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    As a coach, my mission is to help you engage in and progress your career with skill, finesse, precision and discernment. I provide perspective and strategic solutions to help you approach your situation with confidence to apply strategies to find positions that are right for you in organizations that are a fit with your values.
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    My executive coaching and leadership development practice focus is on closing skill gaps while building emotional intelligence, executive presence and mental fitness — all essential to leading with impact and influence. By deepening your understanding of your attitudes, beliefs and drives, I support you in developing a strong leadership presence within yourself, with the people you lead and with stakeholders throughout the organization.
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    I'm incredibly passionate about supporting my clients through the challenging times in their lives, along with the exciting ones, to become vibrant energized people that where they belong and can thrive in.

Certifications & Education

  • Professional Certified Coach, (PCC) International Coaches Federation
  • Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC), Coaches Training Institute
  • C-IQ Enhanced Skills Coach, Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) For Coaches
  • Certified Strength Deployment Inventory (Total SDI)Facilitator
  • BA Psychology, University of Windsor
  • Organizational & Career Development Certificate, University of Windsor
  • Leading Strategic Change Certificate, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
  • Mediation Techniques and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Eisemen & Associates                      
  • Adult Education and Experiential Learning, St. Francis     Xavier University