Janice McNabb BA CPCC ACC
Career Counsellor & Life/Leadership Coach

"Hi I'm Janice...

I'm a Proactive, Resourceful & Creative Career Coach. 
I will help you achieve clarity & success with your career goals while remaining completely aligned with your own personal values and aspirations.

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Janice McNabb

How My Experience Can Help You

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    With a background of over 20 years in coaching and consulting, I have extensive experience working with individuals and groups at various career stages and across a wide range of industries and sectors internationally.
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    I am a dedicated practitioner and employ Careers by Design's unique 'Connect Head & Heart' approach; this has transformed my relationship to stress and given me tools to help you let go of stress-related habits that sabotage your career success.
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    I’ve also worked with clients on personal and professional levels in leadership and change management. A systems-thinker by nature, I’ve always brought a holistic perspective to my coaching and I find great satisfaction in supporting people to build the skills and confidence to successfully create and manage the life and career they want.

An experienced and creative business and career coach, Janice brings a wealth of local and international experience to her client relationships.

She has over 20 years experience as coach and facilitator to executives in Canada, Australia, and the UK, specializing in change management, leadership development, and career management.

With industry experience spanning private and public sector organizations from small businesses to multi-national corporations, Janice has developed and demonstrated a broad perspective and considerable business acumen.

Read through some of my recent coaching engagements

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    Coached a successful business owner in the decision-making process associated with selling their business, ensuring alignment with personal and career goals and providing an objective perspective in an often subjective environment.
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    Coached a healthcare manager in evaluating her career direction, and then worked with her through practically, realistically and successfully implementing a complete career change.
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    Developed and facilitated a coaching skills program for the senior management team of a multinational resources organization, which subsequently led to a cascade to all supervisory levels within the group as well as individual “coach-the coach” relationships.
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    Coached a public sector manager to address recent but on-going performance issues on both personal and team level.
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    Coached two siblings who wanted to set up a business together but were concerned that it might damage their relationship. Using assessment tools, strengths and points of potential conflict were identified. Vision, business principles and roles and expectations were clarified and articulated in order to create the successful business relationship and minimize the risk of irresolvable conflict.
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    Designed and introduced a comprehensive leadership development program based on common competency gaps identified through 360 assessments. The program was designed around a group coaching format to allow participants to share learnings and experience with peers and facilitate the flow of cross-functional and other corporate communication

Background & Certifications

Janice is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, credentialed by the International Coach Federation, & holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The University of Western Ontario. 

Janice is currently completing a Master’s Certificate in Adult Training and Development. She is accredited in personality assessment tools such as Cattel’s 16PF and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step II, as well as various aptitude, motivation and vocational interest tools.

Praise for Janice

Andrew Burnham - Janice Coaching Client

Andrew Burnham

Psychotherapy student


Dear Janice,
I am writing this note to express my heart-felt thank you for your work in helping me form, define and take action on my career vision.
I received much more than I expected from a career coach. It was clear after our first meeting that I would be having to face my fears and take action despite of them.  I also greatly appreciated your modern and humanistic approach to career coaching in that you involved my mind and heart in the process: a whole human-being pathway to change. You worked with me from where I was actually at in my career as opposed to where I should be. You are completely present and genuine and your sense of what I needed is uncanny and amazing.  I left each meeting not only with intentions and actions but more importantly with an enthusiasm and sense of purpose that I have not experienced in a very long time.
Janice, I thank you very much for your outstanding work and energy. Thank you for connecting my head to my heart.
With Gratitude,
Andrew Burnham