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Leader / Executive

Jane D. with Eileen Chadnick, Leadership Coach


Jane had been with the same organization (a not-for-profit) for nearly nine years. She had progressively been promoted over the years to her current executive role. The organization was amid change. There was a lot of uncertainty as to how things would unfold – and specifically what it would mean for Jane’s role and future.

This uncertainty triggered some anxiety, doubt, and big questions for Jane. She was unsure what lay ahead and how to navigate her next steps with so much unknown.

In her words:

“I was very unhappy in my role and organization. It felt as though things were changing around me and happening to me, and I lacked any control.  It felt difficult to see the upside or opportunity in the situation. I was questioning myself, my performance and abilities."

The coaching program supported Jane as she navigated this time of change and uncertainty – which eventually did resolve with a new senior leadership role and professional mandate for her at this organization.

Jane's Experience of Coaching

“Specifically, I found the exercise (and associated conversation) about defining my values to be very helpful as an anchor for the rest of the coaching. I also felt the exercises around identifying inner critics, and conversational intelligence, have had daily practical relevance.

This was an opportunity to be honest and open in confronting things that have been bothering me, and that otherwise would heighten my stress significantly. It took me outside myself and allows me to see my situation from different perspectives.”

As for the introduction to HeartMath – “I would rate the HeartMath at an 8 out of 10. I find it a very effective strategy to quickly center myself and de-escalate my emotional reaction to things.”

Coaching in a virtual setting using the Zoom web-based meeting room:

“I found Zoom to be a GREAT experience. It was simple to use, and enabled a great deal more flexibility in scheduling sessions with Eileen. I will be looking into it as a business communication tool for my organization going forward.”

Final Words: “Thanks Eileen! Your coaching has been helpful and empowering, and given me confidence to embrace the challenges and opportunities in my evolving career.”

The Coach's Perspective

Jane was clearly a talented, accomplished leader. When I met her, she was at a crossroads and the lack of clarity about her role and the organization’s future triggered feelings of doubt, fear, and uncertainty. This is normal and not reflective of a leader’s ability. Rather, it is their ‘human-ness’ that is responding to a challenging situation. Jane was very open and engaged in the coaching process and a very quick learner. She dug in and truly co-created her own success.

What Jane Accomplished

Jane was open to the new tools and ideas introduced and as a result she learned a great deal.

- Jane learned to be more confident and trusting of herself in times of ambiguity and uncertainty;

- She also reinforced and learned new insights about what she needs for success and fulfillment – which helped her make good decisions for her role and the possibilities ahead;

- She learned to practice more patience when the pace was slower than she would like in her new role – and recognized this was just ‘a moment in time’;

- Developed new ways to strengthen and build relationships and alliances internally which would further strengthen her potential to succeed in her new role and mandate;

- She recognized the value of being ready for change in her career at any point and has started to create plans for looking ahead while digging into the present (i.e. networking, career building activities, thought-leadership, and more).

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