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Protect your brand and reputation​ by ensuring
your exiting staff make a smooth and stress-free transition.

​ICF Professional Career Coach (PCC)

Hi I'm Lee​, Director of Career Services at Careers by Design and we'd love to help your exiting staff make a smooth and stress-free transition.

Our coaching team specializes in stress management & resilience training so you can rest easy that your staff will be taken care of during the uncertain and stressful time of job loss.  

We also offer all other key career services like job search​, interview coaching & career transition ​planning.

We have expert copywriters on staff for quick and professional service on marketing documents like resumes & LinkedIn profiles.

We're ​not like the big outplacement companies - we act quickly, we're more affordable and we adhere to the highest credentialed coaching standards.

​Talk to a coach rather than a salesperson and
reach out to us today for a lightning quick quote for your needs.

​Lee Weisser M.Ed. PCC

Director of Career Services

​Careers by Design

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Why Choose Us?

​​Friendly, Affordable &
​100% Customizable.

​With the highest Google review rankings for career coaching across Canada, ​we're focused ​and committed to customer service.

​All our coaching is 100% customized to the needs of your client.  This means that ​your exiting staff choose all the services they need and nothing more.

They will feel completely in control because they are and that feeling will help them appreciate the service you provided to them and boost your reputation.

​​1 on 1 Coaching with Canada's Leaders.

​W​e don't offer any group programs or workshops.  All our coaching is 1 on 1, confidential and highly personal, either in-person or virtual through Zoom video-conferencing.  

This allows us to serve your exiting staff no matter where they're located and at more affordable rates.  

Also, your exiting staff will appreciate having trained career counsellors (with a speciality in stress management) speak with them during this highly stressful time of transition.

​Easy to ​Understand ​Services.​

​​Our service offering is simple.  We offer packages of 1-on-1 coaching sessions with our career, leadership or executive coaches.

We also offer expert copywriting and personal branding packages with our Harvard-trained copywriter.

We can offer one or a combination of both of these services for your exiting staff.


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Redundancy is an inevitable part of doing business in today’s volatile economy.

Outplacement services play a vital role in lessening the blow felt by both parties when it’s time to part company.

Outplacement agencies help laid off employees better acquaint themselves with the job market. They can also assist anyone exiting make a smooth transition to a new career.

These career management services are generally paid for by the employer. Along with severance pay and the usual benefits, outplacement is an increasingly common component of modern severance packages.

Outplacement services are beneficial not only to employees leaving the company but also to the organization itself.

Outplacement Services:
Benefits to the Employee

There are many areas in which career transition services are useful for laid off employees.

Here are some of the main ways the best outplacement agencies work with employees:

  • Give general career guidance
  • Enhance job search skills
  • Hone interview techniques
  • Help with resume writing
  • Assist with network development

Outplacement Services:
Benefits to the Employer

It’s not just the outgoing employee that can reap the rewards of an outplacement service.

Organizations can expect to experience:

  • A well maintained brand and a reputation for caring
  • Better morale among existing employees
  • Reduction in workplace stress
  • Increased productivity
  • Minimized liability for compensation payments

With sessions lasting anywhere from a few months to a year or more, career transition services ensure everyone can make a smooth shift with the minimum of disruption.

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There are many sound reasons to choose our outplacement and career transition services.

We’ve been a leader in the career development space for over a decade.

Before we outline why you should choose Careers by Design, it’s worth mentioning our unique selling point.

Our core purpose is to help Connect Head & Heart​.

We want your employees to Feel Better, Do Better & Get What They Want, Faster.

We’d like your organization to benefit, too.

So, what are our strengths, and how can that help you and your exiting employees?

  • Experience: We’ve been in outplacement for over 13 years now and bring all that experience to bear on your organization. Our positive and holistic approach can bring about enduring change. It’s the opposite of a quick fix.

  • Highly Qualified Coaching Team: Our team of carefully chosen and fully qualified career coaches are a breath of fresh air in a largely unregulated industry. Each of our practitioners is hand-picked and has dealt with hundreds of satisfied clients.

  • Career Transition Services With a Twist: The majority of outplacement services deal with nothing more than general counseling, generic resume advice and a bit of brushing up on job skills. We tackle all of these areas in depth, and with extreme efficiency. We also do far, far more. Resilience training is personalized and we focus on stress management and productivity as well as emotional support. Put simply, we offer an overall package unrivalled by our competitors.

  • Evidence-Based Approach: The resilience training we provide is underpinned by HeartMath methodology. HeartMath tools are used by top-tier companies worldwide seeking to reduce stress and make the workplace more productive. All our assessment tools have a proven track record. Not only do we champion industry best practice, we also innovatively employ what works in related fields.

  • Limit Your Exposure and Maintain Your Brand Name: By using our outplacement services, you can fully protect your brand while also mitigating any risk from lawsuits or generally disgruntled laid off employees.

  • Save Money: Last but by no means least, our small boutique agency can help save you money. At a time when you’re making redundancies, this is more important than ever. With our responsive and agile team at the helm, you get the advantage of specialists in the field without paying for the overheads of a bloated organization.

How Much Do Outplacement Services Cost?

A 2009 study for the Wall Street Journal by the American Management Organization looked into 265 US-based employers who needed to lay off staff. Over 2/3 of these companies decided to use career transition services. The median cost was $3589 for each employee.

There are many variables that can bring this figure down to as little as $1000 for hourly workers or nudge it over $10,000 with executive staff. Not only does outplacement for more senior employees cost more, they also tend to receive more extended services.

At the top end, outplacement could cost $25,000 so there’s really no clear-cut answer to how much career management services cost.

Get in touch with us. You’ll be surprised how little our services cost set against the value you’ll receive.

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​I'll get back to you ​within 1 business day.


Opinion is polarized here.

Outplacement services have been operational since the 1980s but meaningful research into the overall effectiveness of these agencies is still limited. This is compounded by relatively few employers tracking whether outplacement works for them.

The key here is to realize that not all career management services are equal.

Criticism is often leveled at a poor ratio of coaches to employees, something you can avoid completely if you opt for the personalized attention of Careers by Design.

Some career transition services are happy to serve up generic and templatized resumes with limp cover letters. This can be particularly embarrassing if staff members end up competing for the same job vacancy using very similar marketing documents. Again, this is the opposite of the service you’ll receive from us.

Many employees questioned about the outplacement agencies they’ve worked with have complained about outdated and limited methods. Our pioneering and holistic approach ensures that your employees get all the assistance they need based on a strictly evidence-based methodology.

The most general gripes with career management services are centered firmly on a lack of individual attention and the general quality of advice by often unqualified counselors. Both of these flashpoints can be avoided if you put your trust in Careers by Design.


What we would never deny is that a bad outplacement agency will be nothing but a waste of time of money.

If, instead, you opt for Careers by Design, you can avoid adverse publicity and maintain a healthy working environment. Your employees can transition to new pastures effectively.

It really is a win-win thanks to the way we Connect Head & Heart.

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