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Careers by Design founder Shirin Khamisa maintains you can improve your personal income but you must first establish your worth.

“I advise someone in that situation to know the value of what they are providing,” she says, adding the mistake people make when they ask for a raise is pointing to something like inflation and expecting that to be enough to warrant an increase.

Ms. Khamisa says it’s better to be armed with information about what comparable salaries are in your industry, and that means being well-connected. She says if your job has changed since you started that might also be a trigger to ask for a raise.

Ultimately, it might come down to actually leaving your job if you want more money.

“You should be really clear about what your willingness is to go elsewhere. Sometimes people will make idle threats,” Ms. Khamisa says. “The best way to get a raise is to find out what you are willing to do for it.”

What’s your other option? Cutting your expenses. We’ve all heard that one before.

View full second job article at http://business.financialpost.com/personal-finance/debt/maybe-a-second-job-would-help

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