Many factors can spur mid-life career switch

Many factors can spur mid-life career switch

When to cast new directions

Adrian Wyld / Feb. 3, 2015
THE CANADIAN PRESS: (career switch)

… Shirin Khamisa, founder of Careers By Design in Toronto, agrees job ennui is a common motivator for people to start casting about for a new direction.

“What was engaging for people at 20 starts to be not so interesting at 30 or 40. So they start to get bored or perhaps they’ve achieved some big goals that they had set in their career and they’re not sure what the next big goals should be,” she says.

“Related to that is sometimes people are just feeling so low-energy at work and they don’t realize that it might be because of a loss of interest or passion in what they’re doing.”

Khamisa often hears from clients that they’ve begun to feel “empty.”

“And they realize perhaps ‘there’s something bigger that I want to do. I want to leave a legacy.’ It doesn’t have to be such a lofty type of thing — there’s just a sense that they’d like to contribute to something more than just the bottom line.” …

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Rob Arnott, Chief Operating Officer,

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