Make the most of your daily commute

Make the most of your daily commute - Careers by Design

Use your commute to satisfy creative urges....

Toronto career counsellor Shirin Khamisa thinks making the most of your commute depends on your personality. If you’re a person who gets a lot of energy from work, it may not be a terrible idea to use the time to work on a project you’re excited about.

For others, the commute can be a great chance to satisfy a creative itch that’s preoccupying you during business hours. She recalls one client who longed to be a non-fiction writer, but was trapped in a job she hated. Unable to move out of her job right away, she and Khamisa worked out a plan for her to make her work life bearable — which included writing during her commute.

“When she got to work, she found herself better prepared to do the work at hand, because she had an outlet for her creativity.” …

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