Job loss at 50 – Can you bounce back?

Job loss at 50 – Can you bounce back? - Careers by Design

Losing your job is a tough blow at any age, but for workers in their 50s, dealing with the unexpected challenge can be especially difficult. Here’s a map to getting back on the career path.

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2. Re-evaluate your career plan

“Unfortunately in some positions, such as high-pressure sales, an image of youthful good-looks is an unofficial corporate preference,” admits Mr. Zaborniak. “Refocus on roles – like consulting to train sales teams– where gray hair is a perceived asset.” Plus, the process of rethinking your career direction can be a great opportunity to check in with your values and interests. “Rediscover the things in your life that make you feel good,” advises Shirin Khamisa, career counsellor at Toronto’s Careers by Design. The process could spark an unexpected change in direction. …

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