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… “One of the main things that contribute to job dissatisfaction is not just the money but whole feeling of being undervalued and underappreciated,” says career counsellor Shirin Khamisa, founder of Careers by Design.

So you may think you’re being underpaid, but how do you find out for sure when the information you need isn’t readily available? You need to do be prepared to do some digging.

“Most roles have quite a bit of ambiguity in terms of how they’re valued,” Khamisa says. “You could approach HR and look at information about how salary ranges are defined and where you fall into that.”

From there, look at job postings for other, similar organizations. The postings will most likely provide only a salary range, but it’s a start. And read the job descriptions carefully.

“In the financial industry, for instance, different banks will have wildly different titles for same position,” Khamisa says. “Some institutions will have loftier titles or a role with the same title will not have as much responsibility as somewhere else. Don’t pay too much attention to title but to the content of duties you’re expected to fulfill.” …

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