Facebook-snooping employers limited in Canada

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Privacy laws protect job seekers, but Canadians should still be careful

… Shirin Khamisa, founder of job counselling firm Careers by Design, said applicants confronted with such a situation should do just that.

Job seekers are perfectly within their right to ask employers to explain their motives behind questions they find intrusive, she said. Employers often have valid reasons for probing into a person’s background, but may use awkward or even inappropriate means to obtain the information.

Khamisa advises candidates to redirect the conversation and bring the focus back onto work-related matters. After all, she said, the interview process doesn’t have to be one-sided.

“As a candidate, you’re also in a position of power,” Khamisa said. “When you are asked a question of this nature, it’s worth considering and doing a little bit of probing to see, is that an employer you want to be working for.”

Even if candidates resist boldface tactics, experts caution they should be on the lookout for more insidious ones. …

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