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  • One-on-one expert career counselling. 
  • ​We will listen to your concerns and create a strategy - together
  • It's not just a conversation. You will take home your very own Personalized Report with your coach's recommendations and a strategy to address your career concerns.
  • Most helpful if you are considering engaging in a coaching program.
  • You'll start feeling better. Right away.

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A message from our career coaches...

Linda Faucheux

Linda Faucheux - Career Coach

Pat Parisi

Lee Weisser

Eileen Chadnick B.Ed. PCC

"We've helped 1000s of people get More Happy Mondays.
Let us share our secrets with you...

Something happened in your workplace or career and it's got you worried.

Maybe it was a single incident.

Or, more likely – the cumulative effect of multiple things.

When you’re facing a career problem head on – and you know you need to make a change – it can be scary.

And, it can be even harder to figure out things by yourself when you’re already working full time, or dealing with the challenge of unemployment.

But your career is important to you and you want things to be different.

And you certainly deserve to be happy and fulfilled in the work you do.

So you’ve persevered and you kept going – trying to find your way. You know there’s got to be something better -- something more satisfying – out there for you. And you hold on to the hope that someday you will have work that you feel excited about.

But hope and reality can seem worlds apart. Day-to-day pressures and obligations have made it hard for you to achieve this dream. What’s more, you feel stuck or overwhelmed when you try to move forward. Sometimes it feels like the sheer amount of choices is paralyzing. Other days it can feel like you have no options at all.

It can be frustrating when progress is slow. And it can be tempting to give up on your dreams.

Maybe you feel like you just don’t belong in the industries or jobs you’re thinking about. Or, maybe you feel uncertain about your ability to make a living pursuing something you love. You could find yourself re-writing your resume for the 7th time, or applying to yet another job -- without really knowing what will make you happy.

“It's like the wheels are turning but you're not moving forward” 

What’s more, everyone seems to have an opinion about what you should do. This only makes it harder to know what’s right for you. So you second-guess yourself. And more time passes. To make matters worse, your work problem often has a devastating effect on the people closest to you who feel your pain every day. The people you care the most about and never want to hurt are hurting too.

Career stress and turmoil takes its toll. So it’s no surprise if you feel tired and lack the energy and motivation to change things on your own. No wonder so many people never find true satisfaction in their career.

If it's gotten really bad, you may also be experiencing: burn-out, stress–related health issues, and a feeling of uncertainty about the future that’s turned into worry.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, worried, sad, frustrated or angry - or a combination of these and other negative feelings. Work accounts for a large part of your life and it impacts every other part – positively or negatively.

When the path ahead isn't clear, we help you:

Get A Career That Fits

Decide what's next
and exactly how to get it.

Land the Right Job

Accelerate your success despite difficult market conditions.

Be Happier at Work!

Feel more in control at work.
And learn how to manage stress.

If you need help - you are in the right place.
But it isn't easy, if it was you wouldn't be struggling...

We Feel Your Pain, We Sincerely Do.

"As career experts for more than 13 years, we know what it's like.
We've seen it in our client's eyes and felt it in our hearts
many times when we first hear their stories."

We are here to tell you: 
Career Success Can Be Yours to Enjoy!

"It doesn't matter how difficult or painful your situation is right now - or what you've been through in the past.  You are not alone."

What you want can be yours. All you have to do is shift gears – and that’s where we can help.

Your search has brought you here. And now you’re much closer to finding what you seek than you probably realize.

Your persistence will pay off.  So don't give up now.

Andre Darmanin

Urban Affairs & Policy Professional

"Coaching at Careers by Design helped me achieve the confidence and self-worth I always had
but never was able to realize before.

Before the Turning Point session, I was stressed, negative, not confident and didn’t know where I was going in my career.  

I came out a stronger, more confident and relaxed individual than I was just several months ago.

I am glad I came in and would highly recommend Careers by Design for your career counselling needs."

One Hour Session Is All It Takes To Flip The Switch And Get You Started. It'll Be A Turning Point For You - One That Takes You In A New & Exciting Direction.

Book Now - Here's What You'll Get:

Expert Professional Advice & Perspective 
About Your Specific Situation.

We all have blind spots.  We'll help you see the specific barriers that are holding you back from success.

We'll show you how to move past them and get exactly what you want.

Your Very Own
Personalized Report 
For More Happy Mondays.

You'll leave with a personalized report outlining a strategy that fits you like a glove. Your coach will fill this out for you so you can sit back and focus on being coached to success!

No other career company offers this level of clarity and support as you take the first steps to solving your career challenge for good.

Get More Confidence & Control with our unique Shortcut to Success approach.

Facing a challenging career situation is like being on a rollercoaster ride – sometimes you’re up and other times you’re down.

Understanding how to handle this will set you apart from others who are stuck and unable to move forward.

Research shows that the ability to manage your emotions profoundly affects your productivity and ability to achieve your goals. Sadly, most other approaches to career counselling miss this vital piece.  

If getting what you want FASTER and EASIER and with LESS STRESS than the limited methods of most career counsellors is what you want – then the “Turning Point” coaching session is exactly right for you.

 We're to Help You.
 Every Step of the Way

At the end of the Turning Point, we'll explain how our coaching programs can support you further.  For most people it makes sense to continue with our full support, personal career advice & proven, street-smart methods for finding your ideal work.

The Turning Point delivers solid value on its own - you can take what you've learned and proceed better equipped than you were before. Or we can continue working together - it's your choice.

3 Ways To Get Our Coaching

    • Interviews are now being held by video conferencing more commonly - large organizations don't have the resources to see everyone in-person.  Coaching, using Zoom video, with us will give you the valuable feedback you need to ensure you make a good impression whether you're looking for a new job, or looking to get ahead in your career.
    • Save time & money (gas, mileage, transit) and use your resources to focus on your problem at hand.

 Serving Canadians Across the Country -
for more than 13 years.

We Have Had Hundreds Of Happy Clients.
Find Out What They Say...

Diane Popovich

Operations Administrator

"I felt comfortable and re-assured that there is someone to help me move forward in my job search."

I like how my Personalized Report gathered my thoughts and feelings into a logical sequence of information, rather than being scattered around in my brain (that's how I was feeling).

I felt like I was taking a step forward - a very positive experience for me. I know it will help others in a similar situation to mine."

Rob Arnott 

Chief Operating Officer
Paro Strategic Marketing

"...all this boosted my confidence."

I highly recommend Careers by Design to anyone who wants to start feeling better now and have a career that really fits who they are."

Gabrielle Barkany

Senior Communications Officer
Ontario College of Teachers

"Experienced & flexible.
I now feel refreshed & exhilarated
when I think about my career!

I had no hesitation hiring Careers by Design. I am very grateful for the advice I got and I am very proud of my new refreshed resume."

Mavis Fernandes

Organizational Change Consultant

"...a marvellous knack for connecting the dots."

The session was well structured and conducted in a warm and friendly way which really helped me to think about issues creatively."

Brittney Francis

Theatre Artist

"...allowed me to better articulate my values, skills & goals to discover what career would utilize these fully."

The work we have done has allowed me to see that I am capable of not only creating the lifestyle that I want, but also the jobs that will enable me to achieve it."

These People Are Just Like You:
They Once Faced Similar Career Problems As You Face Now

The only difference is... they followed through and took action.
Now that they’ve turned the corner on their work-related anxiety, frustration, depression and stress – they’re glad they did – just as you’ll be.
Why prolong misery?  Help is here and available to you right now!


  • One-on-one expert career counselling. 
  • ​We will listen to your concerns and create a strategy -together
  • It's not just a conversation. You will take home your very own Personalized Report with your coach's recommendations and a strategy to address your career concerns.
  • Most helpful if you considering engaging in a coaching program.
  • You'll start feeling better. Right away.

Get expert coaching.
Online via Zoom Video (anywhere you are) or
In Person (Toronto, North York, Mississauga, Waterloo).
Regularly $225. On Sale Now $147.

Limited Time Special - Book with Linda Faucheux over Zoom and save $50!

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