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The Dreaded Job Interview & How Not To Dread It



The Dreaded Interview &
How Not To Dread It

Certainly one of the most nerve wracking aspects of any job hunt must be the interview. Sure it is exciting to get the call. I mean, someone recognized your potential fit through your resume. You should feel honoured.

But now you have to prove yourself all over again against other qualified candidates. And that can be terrifying. So how do you set yourself apart from the crowd?

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Make a good first impression. I mean really – the hiring manager will decide what they think about you within the first 10 seconds or so. So dress appropriately, walk in to the room confidently, smile, and give a firm handshake.

Remember that 70% of communication is non-verbal. So watch your body language. Don’t fidget or slouch.

Be sure to do your homework as well.

Research the company and position as much as you can prior to the interview. And spend some time thinking about those lovely interview questions like, “What is your greatest weakness?” Be prepared to give thoughtful and original answers.

Finally, remember that you’re there to interview the company as well. Ask questions that will help you decide not only if you are right for the position, but if the position is right for you.

Job interviews don’t have to be scary. They can be an exciting step in your career search. And the better prepared you are, the more exciting they will be.

Need more detailed tips? Be sure to check out the articles in the links below. And if you’d like interview coaching to help you up your game, contact the team here at Careers by Design.

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