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Power of the heart
Feb 14

The Best Career Advice Ever – Unleashing The Hidden Power Of Your Heart

By Shirin Khamisa | Beat Work Related Stress Now


Written by Shirin Khamisa, Founder, Careers by Design

The best career advice ever - how to unleash the hidden power of your heart.

Let’s face it. It’s easy to discount the power of the heart.  

In fact, many “heart myths” abound and people who follow their hearts are often thought of as impractical and whimsical.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

The heart is a powerful and often untapped force that we all have access to. Problems arise and get bigger because most of us are disconnected from it’s power.

When you connect to your heart, you deepen your relationship with yourself and tap into your ability to deal with challenging situations.

Here are 4 lasting & powerful benefits of connecting to your heart:

1. Calm Those Nerves

The power of the heart helps release the butterflies and create a feeling of calm. This can change the outcome of an interview or a stressful conversation with your manager.

2. See Challenges Clearly

The power of the heart creates a shift in perception that gives you a new way of seeing things when analysis has failed you. This is helpful when you are in a tight spot at work or trying to make sense of your options during a career change.

3. Make Better Decisions

The power of the heart transforms fear and doubt. Then you’ll make decisions from a balanced state and create better results than taking action out of fear or stress.

4. Access Joy on Demand

The heart gives you access to joy and other heartfelt emotions like Love, Peace, Gratitude and much more. These emotions will fuel your success and make it easier to reach your goals.

Just like any other relationship, it takes time and patience to connect deeply with your heart. However, the rewards are greater than you can imagine.

Start now with this simple step:

Put your hand on your heart and breathe as you focus your attention there. Feel gratitude for all your heart does for you and resolve to connect often.

At Careers by Design, we combine the scientifically proven tools of HeartMath® with Career Counselling – helping you to RELIABLY connect to your heart’s power and solve your career problem faster.

Here’s how people describe the benefits of heart connection using HeartMath®:

“In a few short sessions, HeartMath® training has allowed me to find peace, and even sometimes a smile, in the midst of a crazy day of struggles and stress. I’ve been able to look forward and see looming decisions with more clarity, and even more happiness. What wonderful coaching!”

~ Dr. Abe Morgentaller, Men’s Heatlh Boston, Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School

"The HeartMath® tools I learned were easy to implement and allowed me to be much calmer and a lot less reactive during the normally stressful career transition period of time. I find them very valuable and I continue to use them every day to lower stress and anxiety."

~ Rob V. Television Producer, Careers by Design Alumni

"When I decided to find a career coach, my objective was to get some career guidance. I never really expected the positive impact that our sessions would have on both my personal and career life. It’s amazing to have something exceed your expectations!"

~Andree L -Senior Management Professional, Careers by Design Alumni

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How to Beat Stress at Work
Feb 25

How To Beat Stress: 2 Powerful Strategies To Take Back Control Of Your Time

By Shirin Khamisa | Beat Work Related Stress Now


Written by Shirin Khamisa, Founder, Careers by Design

How To Beat Stress: 2 Powerful Strategies To Take Back Control Of Your Time

If you think you don’t have enough time to do it all, you are absolutely right.

”Time Stress” is a very common experience in our 24/7 world. To make matters worse, being stressed about time results in being unable to prioritize and make good decisions about what is important.

Is your to-do list really long and overwhelming? Are you feeling unsatisfied and frustrated because you don’t have the time and energy to focus on things that are important to you? Perhaps you would like to make a career change or focus on high impact activities that will advance your professional life.

Here are two life changing strategies that will make a big difference in how you feel about time.

Powerful Strategy #1: Make peace with the reality that you only have 168 hours every week.

I make myself miserable when I am at war with the reality of how much time I have each day.I learned that I can create a feeling of ease and joy in my life by waving the white flag and calling a truce with time.Accepting that time is limited and that I can’t do it all gave me permission to take some of the pressure off myself. If you have a limitless wish list, embracing the limits that time imposes can help you to create a life filled with purpose and meaning.

”Limitations are merely opportunities to grow” - Louise Hay

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This limitation in the number of hours we have is an opportunity to grow: to get clear about what is really important; to develop the ability to turn down good for great; to learn how to say no to people and opportunities that don’t serve our larger purpose.

Powerful Strategy #2: Get clear about your purpose.

Having a clear purpose in life is a powerful antidote to time stress.

Committing to what is important makes it easier to decide what gets my time and attention.

One part of my purpose is connection – with my Creator, with my heart and with people who are important to me. Knowing this has helped me to make choices both at work and in life.

It is a priority for me to meditate daily and to spend time with loved ones. I am happiest at work when I am coaching and working on creative projects that make a difference. At the end of the day, it is incredibly satisfying to have taken action that is aligned with my purpose and my long-term goals.

I often see clients who have had successful careers in the past but currently feel unfulfilled and stretched in too many directions. They have already achieved the goals that gave their lives purpose and no longer have something to work towards.

It is important to re-examine our lives periodically and get clear about our current purpose. When you take the time to consciously decide what’s next at work and in life, you give yourself permission to focus on what makes you come alive. This makes it easier to say no to things that don’t add satisfaction and joy.

Taking the time to consider the big picture and set long and short term goals will help you to choose what gets your precious time and attention.

It gives you a clear direction and helps you to see your priorities clearly.

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