September 7

Joy Riding

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Written by Lee Weisser, Career & Life Coach

Joy Riding...

Have you ever been told to lighten up?

I know I have. I have a tendency to get way too serious about myself. We need to have joy in life.

It’s good to take our dreams and goals seriously—but it’s not good to take ourselves seriously.

When we take ourselves seriously we worry unnecessarily about our own survival. Worry makes us anxious. And anxiety drains our energy.

We lose our creative spark. We feel weighted down. We feel stuck. Every task feels overwhelming.

When you’re feeling like this, wouldn’t it be great to get back a feeling of lightness, openness and positive energy?

One technique I recommend is remembering the feelings you had as a child doing your favourite activities.

Picture yourself doing something that was pure fun.

What childhood activity made you feel great?

Close your eyes and try to recreate those positive feelings in your mind and heart. Who are you with? What are the sights and sounds you remember? What feelings rise to the surface?

Now, savour those feelings. Allow them to linger. Aahhh… feel your body, mind and heart open up to possibility. Be like a kid again.

You can use this technique whenever you’re feeling too serious.

(One of my good memories is riding my bike to the corner store for a Popsicle on carefree summer days. I loved the feelings of independence and mastery.)

So whatever challenge you’re facing today, allow yourself to feel like a kid at play. It will lift your spirits and give you courage for the road ahead.

I’m going out to ride my bike and feel the wind against my face. Hallelujah!

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