November 4

How To Choose Your Own Career Path And Be Happy With It

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Written by Lee Weisser, Career & Life Coach

How to choose your own career path and be happy with it.

Are you thinking about a new approach towards your career? Want to break out of your rut and try something new? A better path? Want to start your own business?

Maybe this is the year you will make a big step forward.

In fact, you may have so many good ideas you can’t decide which one to pursue.

You’re not alone. Lots of us can usually generate tons of ideas on a moment’s notice.

We get really excited – passionate even – about bringing these ideas to fruition. But somewhere along the way it’s easy to get stalled.

Here’s what can help: Getting focused.

Activities that demand your full sensory awareness of the present moment help calm the chaos in your mind.

A daily practice of yoga or mindfulness meditation may help you feel centered and able to concentrate on one thing at a time. Mental imagery or visualization is another technique — often used by athletes — to achieve the best possible state of mind for peak performance.

Give yourself some quiet time in a space you love.

Whatever technique you choose, the secret is to make your practice a daily habit. When you do, these new patterns become embedded in your brain and your body.

Over time they require less conscious effort to carry out. Recent discoveries in neuroscience confirm that whatever we repeatedly give attention to will become hard-wired in our brains.

When your mind is quiet you will be capable of thinking more clearly and more deeply.

You’ll be able to weigh various options against the values that are really important to you, values such as: creativity, freedom, recognition, variety, working with others, helping society, achievement.

What do you need for your work life?  Here are some tips to get started.

  • If you can’t think of anything, start with what you don’t want in your work (like a boss breathing down your neck)…and then turn that into a positive characteristic (like autonomy).
  • When you put your thoughts down on paper they start to become real. When you discuss them with others, they take on actual shape and dimension.
  • Identifying your dreams is the first step in choosing your own path. It is a powerful way to take more control of your life.

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