October 30

Get the skills to give awesome interviews



Worried your interview skills aren’t what they could be?

Dear Friend,

How do your interview skills stack up?

Interviewing can be, for some, the hardest part of landing a job. The pressure to have the perfect answers, send the right message, and be everything that an employer is looking for can be overwhelming!

And the after-interview wait can be just as tough.

Unfortunately it can be very difficult to get feedback on our interview skills. Dearring managers don’t often have the time to help you get better.

So how can you improve your skills, to ensure you make the best impression on your next interview?

We believe one of the keys to being a great interviewee is to have confidence. We’ve got some resources this week that focus on confidence building for interviews.

Happy Reading!

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Breathe in slowly and deeply. Try to imagine the air entering and leaving through the center of your chest, or your heart area.Focus on your heart and breathing instead of focusing on your stressful thoughts and worried feelings.Continue until you have neutralized the emotional charge and you feel calmness throughout.
(adapted from www.heartmath.org)

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