January 13

Are Your New Year’s Career Resolutions The Same As Last Year?

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If you’re like me, you’ve noticed that setting new year’s resolutions is filled with emotion.

We are focused on what is most important to us, and what we hope will make us happy.

If we are feeling confident in ourselves, it is energizing and exciting to think about the goals that we are setting and the happiness it will bring when we achieve them.

If we have made many attempts or not made much progress, it is also natural and quite common to feel discouragement and doubt our abilities, not to mention tempting to listen to the fearful part of us that cries: what’s the use of trying this %#@#!

We have all felt the pain of unfulfilled expectations and impossibly long to-do lists.

Perhaps there are some things that you really wanted to accomplish last year that did not come to pass.

It is natural to feel some disappointment.

Many goals take longer than we expect: building a business, making a career change and becoming an established professional require persistence, grit and a willingness to navigate the unknown.

In my first few years as a business owner, there were many times that I wanted to quit and get a job, where someone else would make the important decisions – I didn’t expect entrepreneurship to require so much of me. There are still times when I flirt with the idea of getting a job. But the truth is that this is my calling.

[box]Although the challenges are trying at times, they have proved to be necessary to learn valuable lessons about work and life.[/box]

[box]There is also a long lead time with some goals; the change process involves a period of time where we are just thinking about change before we are able to take decisive action.

I often hear from my clients that they have been thinking about making a career change for years before they are able to start taking concrete steps. [/box]

Sometimes we make sacrifices to pay the bills or honour other commitments and our dreams are delayed. Other times, factors arise that are not in our control (such as: an illness or a life event that requires our immediate attention).

The key is to recognize that your life is saying “not yet” and that doesn’t mean that it will never happen for you.

When our dreams are delayed, we may feel frustration, disappointment or doubt ourselves and our abilities. These emotions run in the background of our lives, draining our energy and leaving us tired, stressed and maybe even cranky. They impact our ability to move forward. These emotions are like a program that is installed on your computer that is taking up a lot of memory. When you are trying to do other tasks, this program slows everything down.

We get so use to feeling this way that we don’t recognize that it is happening-it’s a blindspot-and stress builds up over time, damaging our confidence.

Fortunately there is something we can do about it.

It is possible to shut down the program that runs in the background and regain energy.

Experiencing positive states like ease, calm, appreciation and awe puts energy into our systems and propels us forward towards our goals while feeling great.

Making a career change, finding a job or enjoying work more are outcomes that are achieved faster and with greater ease.

[box type=”note”]You can learn to change the way you are feeling and go from stress to SUCCESS.

We would love to show you how.

This post is by Shirin Khamisa, career and life coach at Careers By Design.

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