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Are You Smart But Stuck? How to Listen To Your Heart & Move Forward.

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Kristen Duever


by Kristen Duever, Career Researcher and Writer, Careers by Design

Have you ever felt stuck in your career?

Maybe you’re highly skilled in your field. Maybe your co-workers are always asking you for advice or to check their work.

And yet, it just feels like you have stopped growing.
If you fall into the “smart but stuck” category, it can be especially tricky because from an outsider’s point of view everything looks fine. After all, no one likes a complainer, right?

Perhaps you have already identified a number of options for moving forward. Or perhaps it feels like there are no options at all.

If you are feeling stuck, you are probably wondering what to do next?
We know that too much pressure on the job is a bad thing.

It can be easy to forget however, that not enough pressure is a bad thing too. In nature, a butterfly needs to struggle to emerge from its cocoon. A chick needs to struggle to emerge from the egg.

Without the struggle they remain weak and unable to survive. And without a way to grow in our own careers, we can quickly become bored and dissatisfied.

You need to find a way to get unstuck and move forward.

The bad news is that almost everyone gets stuck at some point along their career path. The good news is that you don’t have to stay stuck

Where to turn when you’re feeling stuck?

If you are finding that you are no longer growing in your career, it can be easy to place the blame on your employer. It can be easy to look at management and point to the fact that they are not providing the training you need to advance. It's easy to say that they are not recognizing your potential.

But the fact is that in an age of cost-consciousness and cut-backs, many employers simply cannot provide professional development like they used to.

And if you are only looking to management to get you unstuck, you are overlooking the one person that has the most power to help you overcome your problem – yourself.

Nowadays, more than ever, it's up to you to direct your own career path and development!

Listen to your heart and get unstuck.

Listening to your heart sounds like it should be easy to do.

But for many people it's challenging – at least in the beginning.

It may even feel foreign. We simply haven’t been taught how to seek out our own wisdom.

But with a little practice and perhaps some assistance, it's a habit that anyone can build - one that can help you with any dilemma you might face, professionally or personally.  At Careers by Design, we've been helping our clients with this approach for more than 13 years.  

It starts with being silent and getting comfortable with the uncertainty that you face.

Once you are able to quiet the world around you, the options become clearer and you’ll be able to find more clarity and make a decision with a focused mind.

How Kevin and Leslie got unstuck

Let’s take a look at how two Careers by Design clients managed to get themselves unstuck.

Kevin had been working at his position for several months but was struggling with confidence. He didn’t truly believe in his ability to do his job. And this made him unhappy.

A career coach introduced him to HeartMath which helped him learn to manage his emotions. By learning to listen to his heart Kevin grew more optimistic.

He started receiving more praise and work – and he was able to believe it.

Kevin found that he didn’t need to leave his job to get unstuck. He simply needed to listen his heart to find his confidence and happiness.
Leslie’s story is somewhat different. She had been working in the public sector for 10 years and was feeling frustrated and unhappy. Stress and anxiety from both her job and her personal life was taking its toll.

Although she already had a meditation practice, her career coach introduced her to HeartMath. This made all the difference.

It helped her to reduce her stress and feel confident about the future

It has also given her the courage to take the necessary steps for a career transition.

She is putting herself out there through networking and is now truly open to new opportunities that may come her way.

What solutions will your heart reveal?

The way to get unstuck is going to vary from person to person and from circumstance to circumstance.

Perhaps you need to ask for training or for mentorship. Or maybe you need to take control and get the training for yourself. Or, that you need to do more networking or get involved in a professional organization. It could even be that i's time for a career transition to something different.

Look within, quiet your mind, and figure out where you would like to be in the next three to five years. Now what steps do you need to get there?

Even if you want to remain in the same job, you will still need to grow.

Determine how you can ensure that you continue to grow.

If you feel stuck in your career, there is help available.

A Careers by Design coach can show the you techniques you need to listen to your heart and make the necessary changes

Call us today at 1-888-977-6284 or learn more about our unique approach.

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