October 16

Are you ready for the FREEDOM of the evolving workplace?



Workplaces are changing: are you ready for the freedom?

Dear Friend,

Do you enjoy working in a cubicle?

Is your commute longer than you’d like?

We have good news for you! With the ever evolving job market, more and more companies are turning to telecommuting and digital workplaces for staying connected.

While it may have started as a cost-cutting measure, it has now evolved into a new found freedom for employees.

Studies have found it also increases employee engagement, productivity, and happiness.

We are seeing the development of the “digital nomad” culture. People at all stages of their career have opted to leave the office behind for a lifestyle full of adventure, exploration and work they can do remotely.

So whether you are CEO of Me Inc, or feeling disconnected from the office life, it’s time to explore new options and learn how this could bring you More Happy Mondays!

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A TEDTalk Video: The future of work has left the building

Check out this great talk about how companies are increasing employee engagement by incorporating “nomadic principles” into the work day.

The Future of Work Has Left the Building: Sinead Mac Manus at TEDxSquareMile
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