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Are you making these job search mistakes?



Avoid the most common job search mistakes.  Dear All

Looking for work can feel like a demanding job. Checking job boards, writing and re-writing your resume, and waiting to hear back after sending out applications. 

When weeks, or even months go by, job seekers often ask themselves “What am I doing wrong?”

There are many things that can stall a job search and keep it from moving forward. It’s possible that your skills could use some updating or that you are missing a key strategy. 

We’ll help you succeed in your job search by avoiding common mistakes, dodging the biggest pitfalls, and learning how to search smart!

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Learn what most people are doing wrong in their job search, and what to do about it.

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One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make when looking for work is not taking the time to take care of themselves in what can be one of the most stressful times of our lives. 
1. Have a daily routine, and goals to help give your days some structure while you are in between jobs.

2. Get dressed and get out of the house: even just walking to the store can help lift your spirits and connect you with other people.
3. Learn new skills, because when we gain mastery over something new (whether that is knitting or C++) we also gain confidence!
4. Network with colleagues, to reminisce about “the good ol’ times” and to feel connected with your professional world. 
5. Create an inspiring environment for yourself. Upbeat music, inspirational quotes, positive mantras, or a vase of fresh flowers can brighten your day and encourage you to keep at it!

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