March 11

3 Post-Interview Strategies To Land the Job & the Top Salary [Video]

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Tammy Banfield B.Sc.
Resume & Professional Branding Specialist

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Post-interview Strategies with Tammy Banfield

While it’s understandable that most job searchers focus intently on preparing for the interview, too many overlook the importance of following through with a solid post-interview plan.

After every interview, you have a couple of key opportunities to establish yourself as a high-value candidate that will not only improve your chances of getting a job offer, but also position you to command top dollar in the salary negotiation stage.

These strategies are subtle, but powerful; it’s all about making your interviewer feel valued and having those positive feelings attributed to you, the candidate.

Tammy Banfield, Resume and Professional Branding Specialist for Careers By Design, outlines your 3-Step Post-Interview Strategy in the video below:


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