5 tips for young workers to kickstart their careers

5 tips for young workers to kickstart their careers

Graduates take heed: 5 tips for young workers to kickstart their careers

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… “When you see numbers like that, it can often give you the impression there really aren’t many jobs available in your area,” said Shirin Khamisa, a Toronto-based career counsellor and founder of Careers by Design. “Be very realistic and realize there is a general climate where there are less jobs, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to secure a job that’s right for you.”

Khamisa and other experts share five ways for job-seeking grads to distinguish themselves in a competitive job market and work toward kick-starting their careers.

1. Build a network

Do you have any professional contacts in your area of study or field of expertise? If not, there’s no time like the present to start making connections. Attending industry events, joining a professional umbrella organization or engaging with individuals working in the field to ask about key needs in their area — and how you can fill them — could help build your network, said Khamisa.

“That’s the really powerful thing in a job search when it’s a tighter market — to get that face time with people who are in the field you’d like to work in.” …

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