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Anyone Can (and Will) Offer Career Advice. But Only Careers by Design Guides You on a Path of Self-Mastery That Helps You Build The Skills To Go From Stress to Success

Making a job or career changes is like being on a rollercoaster ride. Some days you feel excited and hopeful about your prospects and other days are filled with uncertainty, disappointment and stress.

We have helped people make successful career changes for more than 12 years.

What we discovered is this: the fastest path to career happiness is to teach powerful skills that help you get off the emotional rollercoaster so you can be at your best.

This makes all the difference in the world because without these skills -- your valuable time and energy is more or less wasted.

Sadly, most other approaches to career counselling miss this vital piece . If getting what you want FASTER and EASIER and with less stress than the limited methods of most career counsellors is what you want –then we were meant to cross paths.

Let Us Help You Feel Better, Do Better
& Get Exactly What You Want - Faster

Nothing else on the market compares to our unique and transformative methods.
Our “secret sauce” is to combine the practical tools of career counselling to meet your career development needs AND at the same time – teach you cutting-edge tools to help you overcome the negative emotions that naturally take over in times of stressful career challenges.


Our approach gives you triple the benefits of traditional career counselling.
You get to: solve your career problem faster, reduce your stress and improve your health at the same time.
And you’ll have new and valuable knowledge and skills that will serve you for life.

Your Career - Your Way
Get Support For All Your Career Needs.
Our Coaching Programs Include:

Weekly Coaching

Keeping You On Track WIth
Smart Strategies
& Support Between Sessions

Manageable Goals

Small Steps Make Big Dreams Possible

The Right Tools At The Right Time

Career Tests, Software & Resources

Focus Is You. Always.

Personalized Program

From Stress To Success

Get Focused. Get Energized.

Your Career + Your Life

Life Coaching When You Need It

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