Answers to your Career Counselling Questions

Is all career coaching the same? (or Why should I choose Careers by Design to help me?)

No! All career coaching is not the same.

Drawing on ten years of rolling up our sleeves and helping professionals, we have created a powerful and unique solution.

This allows us to be more effective than career counselling or coaching alone and provide a service that addresses all the barriers that can stop you from moving forward.

This is a truly holistic approach that helps you to build a life and career where you will be happy and fulfilled.

It goes beyond what others consider to be holistic because it draws on all your resources – your logical, analytical side and your intuition, instincts and feelings. This prevents you from falling into the trap of going down a road that sounds good but just doesn’t feel right.

We combine our experience of guiding 100s of professionals from all walks of life with best practices from related fields.

Here’s our recipe for success:

1) Career advising – providing you professional counsel and advice
2) Career Coaching – recognizing that you are the expert in knowing what is right for you and using conversation and career discovery exercises to help you to know yourself better and make good decisions
3) Career counselling – Building skills that will enable you to be successful in times of career change or job search and providing emotional support
4) Positive Psychology – Helping you to recognize and build on your strengths, understand what makes you happy (at work and in life) and teaching you the tools to excel in all areas of life
5) Skills to beat stress and regain control of your emotions – it is natural to experience ups and downs when we face career challenges; We integrate HeartMath tools in all our programs to help you: Feel better. Do better and move forward faster.

What is HeartMath? How can it help me?

When you are facing a change in your career, it can be like a rollercoaster ride. There are ups and downs.

HeartMath tools help you to deal with difficult feelings like sadness, fear and disappointment. Even if you are feeling good about things, these tools help you to get (and stay) motivated, make good career decisions and improve your relationships.

We have taken tools that are based on 25 years of research and integrated them into the career coaching process.

Working with us will help you to get focused and energized and save weeks, months or even years of effort.

Effective. Simple to learn and use. We’ll show you how to make a big impact to your wellness in less than 5 minutes a day. We’re confident our time-tested & proven approach can (and will) do wonders to your overall effectiveness and productivity.

I’m not stressed. I just want help with my career problem. Can you help me?

Yes, we certainly can and we would be honoured to serve you!

All the career coaching you get will be 100% customized to your needs.

We are, first and foremost, career development experts which means we have specialized training in all aspects of career management.

Do you use career assessments/tests and how do you use them?

Yes, we do offer assessments.

They can be very helpful when integrated into a counselling program.

Each person has a different learning style. The type and number of assessments used depend on your needs and preferences.

Can you guarantee an outcome?

An outcome like getting a new job or changing your career depends on many factors.

We provide you with the guidance, information and support to succeed. We have an 11 year track record of success!

We cannot guarantee that you will get a specific job but we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service.

What is your success rate?

We care about your success.

We measure success by ensuring that we are helping you make progress on your overall goal (changing careers or finding a job) and that you are moving forward with each session.

At each session we focus on your top priorities and check with you to ensure that we have been successful in achieving the goals that you have for that meeting. We also collect feedback at the end of every coaching engagement and are diligent about using that feedback to improve the effectiveness of our programs.

We have over 100+ glowing recommendations and testimonials – you can see some of them by clicking here.

Have you helped people in my industry?

With decades of collective experience in our team, we can safely say ‘YES’, we have successfully worked with people in almost all industries.

Our team approach means that we share expertise when needed.

This list includes but is not limited to:

Education, Retail, Administrative, Legal, Healthcare, Technology & Professional Scientific and Engineering Services, Public Administration/Government and the Public Sector, Finance, Manufacturing, Real Estate & Construction, Utilities, Transportation, Agriculture and all manner of creative careers in Arts, Entertainment and Recreation.

How do all of the modules that are included in the program help me to make a decision?

Finding career direction can be like putting together a puzzle.

As you learn more about yourself and what’s out there, your coach will guide you to bring it all together and make an informed decision.

How long does the process take?

This depends on what outcome you want to achieve.

Coaching starts with a single Turning Point Session where we will define the work we will do together. Then you will have a concrete idea of the number of sessions. Our programs range from: 4 to 12 sessions.

Coaching is also very powerful as a long-term relationship for achieving big goals. Some clients prefer to continue to work with a coach after completing a program. Support is available to you until you reach your desired outcome.

How much does it cost?

The first meeting “The Turning Point” session is one hour in length.

At the end of the session, your coach may recommend a coaching program that will provide you further support.

The program will be customized exactly to your needs and give you pricing information and what’s included. There are many things included in the coaching programs which your coach will explain at the end of the Turning Point session.

For our coaching programs, we also offer flexible, no interest payment plans, starting at CAD$197/month. The total cost of our comprehensive coaching programs range from CAD$788 to $2082 + applicable sales tax.

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