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What's behind the imposter syndrome?

Do you attribute your success to others rather than yourself?

The ABCs of Career Testing

Do career assessments really work?



Embracing your strengths is great for careers

Learn the importance of knowing your strengths...

The ME in Team

Leadership Success secrets

Keeping your spirits up during a job search
or career transition

Shirin share five techniques to remain strong...

The cost of staying in the wrong job...

Could quitting your job be the right move despite the economic climate?
Read Shirin's five questions to ask yourself before resigning.

Is it time for a humour intervention?

All workplaces can benefit from a little (proper) humour.

How to job search on the internet


Rookies need coaching too!

Career planning and career development for young professionals.

How to ace a job interview!

Ask the right questions to get the right answer...

Family Profile: Double Jeopardy

Shirin assists in an interesting family financial and career situation.

Baby on the board!

Exploring women's work/life issues.

Trash talking the boss?!

When 'bigmouth strikes again' ...

Setting boundaries at work ej
Make the most of your commute ej
What you should know about email etiquette

Email gone wild...

More email etiquette tips...
The trouble with moonlighting...

Thinking of working on the side? Click to learn more!

How to get ahead at work

Do you really need to go back to school to get ahead?

Emotional intelligence

Could it be the key to success?

Networking...the wrong way?!

What you may not know might hurt you.


The benefits of this four letter word...

Is it time for a humour intervention?

All workplaces can benefit from a little (proper) humour.


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