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We're currently accepting new clients at all our in person locations & virtually by Skype.

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STEP 1 - Review the following.

We have found that coaching is most effective for clients when they have time to set goals and work through a plan by taking action steps outside of the coaching session.

One session alone is not enough to solve most career challenges.

Therefore, the Turning Point Session is most helpful if you are seriously considering engaging in a career coaching program and are comfortable with the costs. 

Our coaching programs begin at $788 + tax and we are excited to offer no-fee, no-interest monthly instalment plans that start at $197 + tax (paid over 4 months).

STEP 2 - We are NOT a good fit if....

At this time, there are two specific situations that our service is not a good fit for:

1) You are only looking for a stand-alone resume writing service.  

Our approach is different - we do resume development as part of our Land the Right Job coaching program. Please do continue if you are interested in coaching to uncover and bring out the best in you, which will be crafted into your marketing materials (resume, LinkedIn profile).

2) You have not lived in Canada and want to move here or have immigrated recently (<3 years).  

We lack the specific skillset to deal with immigration or settlement issues.

STEP 3 - If you are comfortable with the costs, and feel you are a good fit, then fill out this quick form and we will provide you a link to schedule a free phone chat with Roya, our Client Happiness Manager, to get your questions answered and/or book your Turning Point.

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