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A Message of Hope 

from Shirin Khamisa, Founder & Practice Leader

"Having a career you feel good about is an important part of life.

Yet it's a common challenge that many people seeking career counselling or career coaching face. 

And, it can be hard to figure out how to make it happen while working full time or dealing with the challenge of unemployment.

Still, you persevere and continue trying to solve your career challenge.

It’s no surprise if you are tired and lack the energy and motivation to change things. 

If it's gotten really bad, you may also be experiencing: burn-out, stress related health issues, worry, uncertainty about the future, overwhelm, or sadness.

For 12 years, we've helped hundreds of people across Canada
feel better and thrive in their careers. 

We get results for all ages, career stages & all industries.

You want a career you feel good about and a happier life --let's make it happen!"

Shirin Khamisa & the Careers by Design Team

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Rob Arnott's Testimonial for Career coaching at Careers by Design

Rob Arnott

Chief Operating Officer
Paro Strategic Marketing
Toronto, Ontario

Rob Arnott is COO of Paro Strategic Marketing

"I highly recommend Careers by Design to anyone who wants to start feeling better now and have a career that really fits who they are."

"Participating in the More Happy Mondays career coaching program at Careers by Design gave me the tools to feel more positive and handle this stressful situation better.

All this boosted my confidence so I could take the next steps to get out of a difficult situation.

My coach helped me to explore my options and I decided on a new direction with confidence."

Amy Sullivan's Testimonial for Career Guidance and Advice from Careers by Design

Amy Sullivan

Marketing Coordinator
Edmonton, Alberta

"Coaching provided an invaluable third party soundboard, detached from my family and workmates, to truly help me evaluate my situation."

"I have worked with Careers by Design over the past 4 months, as I was in a career rut and questioning my choice of being a creative professional.

Coaching provided an invaluable third party soundboard, detached from my family and workmates, to truly help me evaluate my situation and the viability of staying put.

All told - it was by no means an easy journey - I had to take an honest look at myself, and evaluate what I was able to personally change. In the end, I got a $10,000 raise and a promotion!"

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